Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Indiana University Little 500 Race Issue Schwinn

Indiana University Little 500 Promotional Schwinn
What a goofy race.

    Hardcore bike heads will know that the 1979 bicycle film Braking Away is based on this annual race.  The academy award winning screenplay was written by a IU graduate. 
    The bike has an American bottom bracket even though it's aluminum and made in 2005, and one piece cranks and a coaster break.  I was wondering why this bike was parted up in such a goofy manner until I read that the rules of the little 500 race state all bikes must be Schwinn issued, must have one piece cranks, and must have a coaster break (?!?).  Schwinn supplies the race with these bikes and each team is given two, and they are supposed to turn them in after the races but I guess some people keep them and don't care about the deposit, it's a pretty cheap bike anyway.

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