Monday, March 28, 2011

1970 Raleigh Record Fixie re-do

Early 1970's Raleigh Record Fixie.

Best head-badge ever.

Much better.
I redid the Raleigh Record from a few days ago because the bottom bracket was cross threaded and the cotter pinned cranks and steel rims that came on it just wont hold up.  Origin 8 cranks and cages, unsealed track hubs laced to Alex 450 Aero rims.


  1. How did u replace the bottom bracket?

  2. I tapped it to British standard. I shouldnt have though you can just get a 10 dollar unsealead square taper spindle, thats the best it preserves it the most and is the cheapest, or you can buy a 26tpi bb a few people make them if you want a moder bb. i think the old loose bearing bb with a square taper spindle is fine though as long as you are under 190 pounds and arent hard on bb's.