Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best Complete BMX Bikes of 2012!!!

Best Complete BMX Bikes of 2012 List.

These are all the 2012 model complete BMX bikes available that come with 100% cromo frames, forks, and bars, basically the only complete BMX bikes you should be looking at if you are serious about doing tricks.  It is arranged by size and price so you can easily compare EVERY bmx bike in your size.   I might do a list of complete bikes made of trimoly frames that I think would be worthy of riding if this list proves useful.  This list is a work in progress, prices change, I may have listed some things wrong, links to the product pages could change.  If you spot anything wrong leave a comment and I'll fix it.  The 2-hip and FBM bikes listed are 2011 models, they have not put the 2012 models on line yet. 

I am also going to add "picks" to the respective size sections; like best cheap bike, best overall bike, and best looking bike.  I am also going to maybe get a famous guest rider to do his picks as well, stay tuned!!! Click below for the list!  Happy hunting.