Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Helio Ascari Custom Bicycle Pics

   Here you have it, some of the first pics online of an Ascari Bicycle.  Helio himself rode it into Landmark WB yesterday and I was stunned.  I'm not sure who that dude chris@canootervalve.com is (didn't even include his last name) who wrote that hate piece on him for that no-name website but these pics should put any haters to shame and make that Chris dude look like the miserable know-nothing that he is.   Lets get started: custom frame from the ground up, all accents are brass, levers are custom cnced and brass plated, custom pump with matching brass accents, all leather is Brooks, IRO cranks, SA drum break hubs, custom pedal cages, custom wood finished cap on the old-timey water bottle, custom bottle cage, custom stem with yet more brass, and the piece de resistance; real wood rims!   MSRP is a cool 5,000 usd, but if you are a true connoisseur of hand built bicycles in the vintage style then this should be near the top of your wanted list.  Some may say its a little ostentatious compared to some other boutique bike builders' offerings but I love it.  Someone has to be the guy to ride the super luxed out bike on the path so everyone can derive pleasure from witnessing it, and I'm the type of guy who thinks "why not me?"  He said he has sold around 20 so far this year.  My crappy pics don't do the brass accent work any justice at all, you have to see this thing in person.  Oh yeh and Helio is looking for spaces to set up shop in Brooklyn so we might be seeing a whole lot more of these bikes around town in the future.

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