Wednesday, February 16, 2011

S&M Bikes Ironman Sprocket: Sprocket Evolution

S&M Bikes Ironman Sprocket

Toughest and best looking sprocket on the market.

This is the Ironman sprocket made by S&M bikes.  It is unique for a BMX sprocket because it is made out of heat treated chromoly.  Normal professional grade BMX sprockets are made out of either forged or cnc'ed 6000 or 7000 series aluminum.  To make up for the increase in weight from using chromoly the sprocket is highly machined, the teeth are hollow and the spokes are very thin.  The result is reportedly the toughest sprocket on the market at only a 1 ounce increase in weight over the lightest aluminum sprockets of the same size.  The slimmed down profile gives it a great look too on the bike.  Of special note is the 19mm splined interface for attaching to your spindle.  This eliminates the need for a sprocket bolt, thus negating some of the added weight and it also allows the owner to switch drive sides without buying a LHD crank arm.  A few companies have been making "spline drive" aluminum sprockets for a few years but they are very weak, they require a pressed-in cromo insert at the spline interface that has a tendency to separate from the rest of the sprocket when you give it a good bashing.  Because the Ironman sprocket is 100% cromo there is no weak point, thus making it the only spline drive sprocket I would recommend for anything other than trails riding. 

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