Monday, June 14, 2010

My non-commuting bike

My Solid AAv.2.  I was rididing a 2000 s&m dirtbike classic since...  well 2000.  I never could justify buying new BMX parts until I started working in bike shops again.  This is my dream bike and it is long overdue.

Full bike check after the jump.

Frame: Solid AAv2 20.25 satin black
Fork: First run ody classic dirt fork
Bars: Fit highs, cut to 26.5 or something
Stem: eastern strangler flipped, soon to be t1 cyclops
Headset: fsa impact
Grips: solid death grip
Lever: diatech mx110
Seat post clamp: fly raw
Seat post: white stolen thermalite (next black batch not until august)
Seat: stolen pboss
Brakes: old no-names
Pads: ody slim by four red
Chain: kool sl
Sprocket: eastern Medusa forged 25
Cranks: Profile chrome 175mm 10 years old and still solid as fuck.
Spindle: solid cromo, soon to be profile ti gdh.
BB: khe affix
Front Hub: demo bulimia
Front Rim: sun ringle env front specific
Front Spokes: khe/dt swiss collabo 1.8/1.6 butted with brass nippies. favorite part on my bike.
Rear Wheel: Stolen Roulette stock; roulette hub, chrome roulette rim, no name spokes. 9 tooth bearing driver. mutiny 2.1 hubgaurd. may get ti 8 tooth driver in the future.
Tires: old primo pro taj set
Tubes: 20x1.5 quality low lead
Rim strips: stolen pvc
Pegs: old machneil lite
Pedals: Twisted pc

Mods: carbon spacers, blue6 chain ring bolt and lever clamp bolt, way more ti bolts to come. built my front wheel myself, i own a park ts2.0.
Yes i know my steerer needs to get cut, i haven't gotten around to it yet.

Weight:  24.3 pounds

Review/thoughts about my bike two months after building it:  feels nice but next bike will def be 20.5,11.5,75,71,13.5.  laid back 69 degree seat tube makes seat hard to hold with legs for barspins.  fork and tires are heavy need to replace them.  solid cromo spindle is also keeping me away from 22.5 lbs, my goal.  that's very light for a bmx with pegs and breaks.

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